About Me

I’m an aspiring author and I’ve been writing seriously for the past seven years.  I’ve written numerous Fantasy (high, low, dark) short stories and a couple of Horror stories for the two writing sites I’m part of (fantasy-writers.org & scribophile.com).  Not to mention a dozen or so poems.

Currently I have a High/Epic Fantasy, a Steampunk-ish Mystery and a Contemporary Cozy Murder Mystery in the works.  I also have ideas in my little “Idea Folder” for two more Contemp-Cozy Murder Mysteries (it’s a planned series), a Period Romance, a Thriller, an Adventure, and numerous other Fantasies.

For this reason, I’ve decided to use multiple Nom de Plumes.  Wouldn’t be fair to my fans (yes, I’m thinking positive and dreaming big) of my Steampunk novel if they pick up my Period Romance expecting more of the same.  So, I want to keep them separate.

I also would prefer to keep my privacy.  I’m not looking for Fame & Fortune (although the Fortune part wouldn’t be so bad).  I just want to write and be able to share my writing with the world.

I am The Acceptable Schizophrenic